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An Ode to My Sweetheart

I think we both agree at this point that our relationship sucks.

One night, my crying sounded like a duck.

That our constant bickering weighs us down on our daily lives.

While I refuse to talk to you because you have not apologized.

The lights flicker and I could not sleep.

We’re both lying in bed yet our distance far too deep.

You think I have fooled you yet I see nothing wrong with making my own decisions.

Trying to “correct” me, I am not an illness, I do not need prescription!

When you keep telling me stories and lies, I know in my heart aren’t true.

Yet, I still love you.



How My Mother Kept Her Sanity

I was in 3rd Grade when I remembered my mother, sitting beside me looking outside murmuring something to herself, in  scorching heat inside the Tricycle. I was already seeing this on a constant basis. And I thought, back then, she must be going crazy! But then, at a young age, I knew exactly what was happening.

Life was a bit harsh for her. Juggling between 3 kids and a husband, who had a growing problem on alcohol, it was difficult to sustain sanity. But she had to show strength and flexibility to her kids. She had no one to talk to as she filtered us from all the issues we have had as a family, as much as she can. That afternoon, she must have unveiled the curtains and was unconsciously talking to herself.

This memory of her almost losing it is engraved to me, up until now. It was a motivating factor for me to make all types of effort to make her proud. Now, she is as goofy and loving as she has always been. Sane but, all those issues in the past did affect her so much that she had to go through Diabetes, 4 strokes and 2 major operations. But she still survived as all mothers would. It might have broken her body but never her soul.

We all have moments where, at one point, we hated our mothers. However, she had all the opportunities to hate you as a son, a daughter or even as a husband. But she chose to love you. We should all do the same.

Happy Mother’s Day.