Thank You

Today, I admit of committing a crime. The crime of laziness and complacency. I thought I was depressed but no, this is not depression. Depression was an excuse. It is completely unacceptable to miss work and to just laze around doing nothing. I have spent 50% of my time looking into Facebook, trying to see if there is anything I can read as diversion. I keep thinking how un-happy I am with my job and how I wanted to move out.

My husband woke up early for work. He wakes up at 9am and comes home at 11 in the night. But here I am complaining when I come home 5am and I can eat and do anything I want. I can enjoy every privilege life has offered. I am in Canada and not worrying what to eat and where to sleep.

So I decided to list down all things I am thankful for. This way, it would constantly remind me that what I am feeling right now is not valid.

  1. My work pays. It pays for online shopping, rent, new clothes and vacation.
  2. My bosses always appreciate my work and what I do.
  3. I have a husband that is very supportive and who is always happy to see me happy. Tries his best to be the greatest husband by fulfilling my needs.
  4. I have a job that allows me to grow into a better person. I may not create an impact now but I will soon. Plus I have travel privileges which is awesome and not everyone has that.
  5. I am alive and that alone is the reason to live it.

So I stood up and ran on the treadmill, cooked a wonderful meal and wrote this story.




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