The Unemployed

So how do you deal with being jobless?

Typically, you eat a ton of ice cream (or I-scream). You binge watch on Netflix and you try to go to the gym. Did I say “try”?

So here am I trying to write something out of misery and reflecting on what has happened in my life ever since I moved to the Northwest Territories.

Pennyless that is. I came here with high hopes and dreams of landing a job yet I am stuck at cleaning houses and offices. I became so desperate that I messaged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Instagram. And, no, he did not respond.

I have always believed that you can do anything you set your eyes to. Unfortunately, I set my eyes on a lot of opportunities but no one has even bothered looking back. Do I have dirt on my eyes?

Race has something to do with it. Filipinos here are stereotyped as nannies, caregiver and part of housekeeping. Working in this field, I have learned to respect all the filipinos out there who were celebrated graduates of education, agriculture etc and you would think, they would land the same jobs with a higher pay. But, no. They come here and they do not have any choice but to take the first job that is given to them, just to survive and provide for their families in the Philippines. Even if it meant doing something that you do not envision yourself doing like mopping floors and cleaning dirty toilets.

But it does not mean it is always the race. It could be language barrier or a mismatch of qualifications. I sigh every time I see jobs out there that requires more skills than I currently have.

By this time, if you are reading this, your piece of advice for me must be that you have to cultivate a system of gratitude to survive. I understand that and believe when I say that I have made all the efforts to muster some gratitude off me for doing this. I am still in the process of trying to accept that fact. But allow me to mourn. Allow me to wallow. Allow me to accept something I cannot change at the moment.

My family in the Philippines do not seem to understand the pain that I am going through right now. As text messages asking for money comes in, I cannot help but cry because I know it is not easy to find that hard earned money but I do it anyway, because I love them. Making their  life easier is one of the reasons why I am even here.

So, not giving up is always my treasured character. Hence, I will not give up handing resumes’. Why? Because, I am a talented woman who is more than capable of doing something other than housekeeping.

In the meantime, do you want me to clean your house? 🙂


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